No No Permanent Hair Removal at Home Review

Women have always been conscious of their body hair, and I am one of them.  I have done shaving, waxing and used veet.  I have interchanged using waxing and shaving.  If due to time and money constraints I used shaving.  If I have the money and time I go for waxing.

A friend of mine,Cathy, who is also like me, conscious of body hairs has opted for a trial no no hair removal system via the internet and has recommended the product to me.  At first, I balked at the cost of the device and tried to pass up the latest hair removal craze.

Two months after, we had a swimming party with Cathy and our other friends.  I was amazed at her hair less legs, arm pits and bikini line.  So I asked again about the no no hair removal system if she was still using it.  To my amazement, she replied YES.  And that the more she used the device, the longer time it took for the hair to grow again.  She explained further in detail to me as I was so engrossed by my friend’s discovery.

These are the things that she has stressed about this amazing No No Permanent Hair Removal at Home product:

  • At first, No No Permanent Hair Removal had a terrible smell when used the first few weeks.  But, the smell had gradually faded and along with the smell, there were lesser hair growth.
  • She also further clarified on the cost of the product and asked me how much it cost me to go to the spa and had my waxed and I answered nearly a hundred dollars.  So, she told me See?  You are willing to spend a hundred dollars every time you visit the spa for some waxing but this gadget costs $250 and that’s it.  You can use it anytime, anywhere and for as long as you need it.  That will be equivalent to just two and a half visits to the spa compared to what it would cost you for a lifetime of visits to the spa for waxing.
  • It really takes effort to do the job yourself and do the maintenance procedures.  But as long as you are religious in your regimen, at least three times a week, in less than a month you will see the results.  And later on, you can go down to just one or twice a week of maintenance because the device really slows down further hair growth.
  • No No Hair Removal

Believe me, No No Permanent Hair Removal really works and is not just a fad, because I have seen the results with my own two eyes.

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